Each site must create an implementation plan for this 1:1 project. Here is a blog that has a number of questions you will want to consider-
Preparing Your School for an iPad Implementationand one that includes a list of "DOs" and "DON'Ts" that you may find helpful- Learning in Hand. This educator's changed thoughts over the 2010-2011 school year on how to set up class sets of iPads and iPods may help you avoids some bumps with your initial set-up when your carts arrive- The Spicy Learning Blog

You need to format the implementation plan how it will be most useful for you and your team. However, key sections to include would be times, actions, person(s) responsible, and date completed. Here is a partial sample I’ve put together:

Time Line
Action Item
Person (s) Responsible / Involved
June 2011
Attend 1:1 Launch Community of Practice (June 22 @ Newton)
John Doe, Jane Plain and Sally Somebody
July 2011
Explore iPad Apps

August 2011
Draft Implementation Plan

Identify and evaluate apps teachers would like to use

Create a school iTunes account specifically for the 1-2-1 Project

Create a school protocol for the purchase, distribution and management of apps for the 1:1 Project

Create an iPad management plan- ie. How they will be labeled and assigned to students, where the cart will be stored etc.

Send in appropriate ERECS referrals (ATL, DHH and/or Vision)

Purchase (or repurpose) a laptop for the iPad cart

September 2011
Host a parent information night

Attend school-based coaching session (with Belina) on managing a class set of iPads *The day we deliver the cart of iPads

Classroom launch of 1:1 Project

As you begin to move forward with iPad implementation at your schools, you may find the blog of a Principal leading a 1:1 iPad project in a high school helpful. Click here to read his reflective post on the iPad roll-out at his school after just two weeks.

(Retrieved from http://www.cartoonaday.com/back-to-school-cartoon-twitter-and-ipad-cartoon/)

Site Implementation Plans (works in progress)

Bawlf School

Graminia School

Percy Baxter Middle School

Pioneer Middle School