Welcome to the 1:1 Mobile Tablet Project's Wiki!

The 1:1 Mobile Tablet Project began as a one year* exploration of iPads in four rural, inclusive classrooms to investigate the efficacy of WiFi mobile media tablets for teaching and learning in 21st Century inclusive classrooms. It was funded through an Alberta Education Grant awarded to Inclusive Learning Outreach (formerly Edmonton Regional Educational Consulting Services (ERECS).)
*Note: This project has been extended for a second year.

This project investigated the potential educational benefits of one-to-one mobile tablet learning. In particular, the potential of the iPad, and the applications it can access, to support the creation of learning environments that:
  • provide improved access to text-based curricular materials,
  • facilitate communication and participation of students with low incidence disabilities such as visual impairments or deaf and hard of hearing,
  • build teacher capacity to differentiated instruction for all learners in a typical, inclusive classroom, and
  • realize literacy goals and objectives for all learners.

The three key goals of this project were:
  1. lmprove student learning outcomes for students in heterogeneous classrooms, including students with low and high incidence disabilities.
  2. Build teacher capacity to use educational and assistive technologies to differentiate instruction and realize learning objectives for all students.
  3. ldentify promising practices for the implementation of iPads as a one-to-one device in inclusive classrooms.