1-2-1 Sites


Bawlf School, Battle River School Division

Grade 8 Classroom
Key Contact: Patrick Whittleton
Lead Teacher: Sharon MacFadyen (LA)
Other Teachers:
Dianna White (Math)
Brad Munro (Math)
Brenda Holm (Science / PE)
Bonnie Bratrud-Austrom (Socials)
Michele Kvemshagen (French)
Shannon Barber (Band)

Note: Bawlf School was released from the commitments in their letter of understanding in February 2012.

Graminia School, Parkland School Division

Grade 7/8 Classroom
Key Contact: Linda Haney (Principal)
Lead Teacher: Dwayne Inglehart
Other Teachers:
Jordan Fraser
Sharmayne Seal (Sp. Ed. Coordinator)

Percy Baxter Middle School, Northern Gateway School Division

Grade 8 Classroom
Key Contact: Helen Haugjord
Lead Teacher: Heidi Kulak (LA / Social Studies)
Other Teachers:
Taryn Ruryk (Math / Science)

Pioneer Middle School, Wild Rose Public Schools

Grade 6 Classroom
Key Contact: Dave Cook (Vice Principal)
Lead Teacher: Michelle Enders (Science / Math)
Other Teachers:
Leah D. (LA/Social Studies) September 2011 - February 2012
Erin Austad (LA/Social Studies) February 2012 - June 2012

Note: On May 9th, 2011 ERECS, in partnership with Alberta Education, invited northern Alberta school jurisdictions committed to the exploration of technology to support diverse learners in inclusive classrooms to submit an expression of interest in a one-to-one mobile media tablet project. There was a strong response and the inclusion criteria below was used to decide the 4 sites to extend an offer to participate.

Inclusion criteria:
  • grade 4-9 rural inclusive, classroom in northern Alberta
  • class members includes at least one student with a low incidence disability (i.e. deaf and hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired)
  • school has WiFi
  • Principal supportive of the use of emergent technologies, such as the iPad2, as well as willing to create and fund a school iTunes account for the purchase and management of apps
  • Classroom teacher(s) with demonstrated skills and confidence in using technology to facilitate learning
  • District level IT support for the use of the iPad2 as a one-to-one student device
  • District and school level support for the collection of data related to the specific, measurable objectives identified for this project (building capacity, strategies for the effective use of mobile media tablets, literacy and numeracy)

All four 1-2-1 sites signed a letter of understanding as confirmation of their participation in the project and to clarify participation requirements.

Diving Deeper Site

Alberta School for the Deaf, Edmonton Public Schools

Grade 4-6 Classroom
Key Contact: Sandra Mason
Lead Teacher: Jenn Mann

This diving deeper site also signed a letter of understanding as confirmation of their participation and the provision of eight iPads by the Project Manager to support the project, as well as to clarify the requirements of their participation in the project. Participant requirements include:
  • ASD will ensure school and district level support for this exploration of the use of the iPad2 as a student device.
  • A school Key Contact, preferably the School Principal, will be identified and provide support to the Project Manager including supervision and monitoring of the classroom teacher(s), as well as gathering all consent forms and data required for reporting outcomes of the project.
  • ASD will allocate a budget (minimum $150) for the purchase of apps, as well as create a school protocol for the purchase and management of apps which includes the creation of an iTunes account for this project.
  • ASD will provide the lead teacher involved with this project release time (any costs associated with this release time are to be covered by the school division and/or school) to participate in three face-to-face Community of Practice events which will be hosted by ERECS.
  • ASD will create a rubric for the evaluation of apps considering the deaf and hard of hearing student population and provide it to the Project Manager by Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011.
  • ASD will critically review a minimum of 50 apps and create a summary chart of key information by Friday, February 24, 2012.
  • ASD will develop a minimum of one iPad app by Friday, June 22, 2012.